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PLUTO VOL 1 - Amapiano Sample Pack

PLUTO VOL 1 - Amapiano Sample Pack

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Elevate your Amapiano game with PLUTO, the definitive sample pack that brings the pulsating rhythm and infectious vibes straight to your fingertips. Crafted by industry professionals, PLUTO is your passport to creating chart-topping Amapiano hits effortlessly.

🎶 What's Inside PLUTO?

🥁 10 Drum Loops + Stems: Dive into a rhythmic wonderland with expertly crafted drum loops that form the backbone of Amapiano. Each loop comes with individual stems, allowing you to customise your beats and create dynamic, dance-floor-ready rhythms.

🎹 10 Melody Loops + Stems: Ignite the dancefloor with irresistible melodies that capture the essence of Amapiano. From soulful chords to catchy leads, each loop is designed to spark inspiration. With included stems, you have the freedom to tailor the melodies to suit your unique style.

🎵 10 Shaker Loops: Add the perfect spice to your tracks with the infectious groove of shaker loops. These meticulously crafted loops inject an extra layer of movement and energy, ensuring your Amapiano production stands out from the rest.

🥢 10 Percussion Loops: Elevate your rhythm section with diverse percussion loops that bring depth and character to your beats. Whether it's congas, bongos, or unique percussive elements, PLUTO provides the essential tools for crafting intricate and engaging Amapiano grooves.

44.1 kHz / 24-Bit WAV Quality

BPM and Key Labeled

100% Royalty-Free

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