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Afrowave Vol 2 isn't just a sample pack; it's a gateway to unparalleled creativity. With a diverse array of WAV loops, stems, and MIDI files, this pack is designed to speed up your workflow with instant access to quality sounds. Elevate your sound and stand out in a crowded landscape with the innovation that Afrowave Vol 2 brings to your fingertips.

🥁 20 Drumloops + STEMS:

Feel the pulse of the rhythm with 20 intricately designed drum loops, each accompanied by stems for unparalleled customization. From infectious grooves to thunderous beats, these loops are the heartbeat of Afrowave Vol 2, ready to infuse your tracks with energy and life.

🎶 20 Melody Loops + STEMS:

Elevate your compositions with 20 mesmerizing melody loops, complemented by stems that offer endless possibilities for customization. Whether you're crafting Afrobeats anthems or experimenting with genre-blending sounds, these melodies are your passport to sonic brilliance.

🥁 10 Shaker Loops:

Add a touch of groove and finesse to your beats with 10 shaker loops that effortlessly enhance the rhythm of your productions. From subtle embellishments to bold percussive statements, these shaker loops are the secret sauce to a dynamic and engaging sound.

🥁 5 Rolls & Fills:

Inject dynamism into your arrangements with 5 meticulously crafted rolls and fills. Whether you're building tension for a drop or transitioning between sections, these rolls and fills provide the nuanced touch that separates the extraordinary from the mundane.

🎹 15 MIDI:

Empower your creativity with 15 MIDI files, offering a canvas for your unique musical expression. Tailor these MIDI files to fit your style, experiment with different sounds, and let your imagination run wild as you breathe life into your compositions.

🎤 24 Vocal Chops:

Infuse your productions with soulful expression using 24 carefully curated vocal chops. From ethereal whispers to powerful chants, these vocal chops add a human touch to your music, making each track a captivating journey for your listeners.

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